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Day Forty-nine and Fifty of …

It’s been quite a nice weekend really. 

Yesterday I picked the car up, spent over £750 to have it serviced, MOT’d and fixed. It’s running as well as it every does after a service but at least they valeted it for me!

Henry and I went to the park for a walk and to catch some Pokémon. I let Henry out of his pram for a bit too to have a toddle about.

He seemed to really enjoy himself and we’re going to make it a regular fixture of the weekend.

Once Henry went to bed the real work began. I finally got the tv fitted to the wall and I installed the baby gate. I’m really happy with getting that done. I just need to tidy the cabling up for the tv and I’ll be properly pleased.

Today we haven’t done a huge amount. We didn’t get up too early. We chilled out a bit, went to the shop to grab a couple of bits. We played together and spent some good times. 

It’s been a hard weekend without having Lucy here for more of it. We always miss her when she’s not here.

Tomorrow is a long day at work as usual for a Monday. I’ve got some things to get done and I hope that, as usual, Monday goes quickly and I can get home to my beautiful family.


Day Forty-eight of …

A long old day it was to! Work was, and I’m sure my colleagues can agree with me here, thoroughly meh. Nowt interesting happened but me and my team mate did do some quality troubleshooting which was good and we got the temperature in the server room to within the ideal range.

I came home to relieve my sister in law, Clare, of babysitting duties. Lucy had gone to work a little early to help out so we needed some cover. She and Henry had had a great day by all accounts. Henry loves his family and they love him.

Saturday I’m picking up my car from the garage, going shopping and spending all day with Henry. I might see if one of my friends is feeling up to an outing but I know he’s been sick. Let’s see what the day brings!

Day Forty-seven of …

Thursday I spent feeling terrible. Sure I dragged myself into work. This is where I found that the rest of my team hadn’t come in. That was a little depressing to say the least. I wish I’d stayed home sick. I had a lie in and went in late though which helped a little. The office was horribly stuffy and just made me feel worse.

Nothing exciting or interesting happened. Then I went home.

Lucy cooked a makeshift beef stir fry which was really tasty. Goes to show what you can do with a decent pantry.

Lucy also worked out why Henry had been so mardy lately. He’s had two more molars come through. He’s now got 13 teeth and he’s learning how to use them!

Friday is another day at work. Nothing exciting planned. As per. Then a weekend of me and Henry as Lucy is working extra.

Day Forty-six of …

Wednesday started with a trip to the local Nissan garage to drop my car off for its yearly service and MOT. Little did I know this was going to be significantly more expensive than I expected. I received notification that it would fail the MOT because the headlamp lenses were so badly deteriorated. That’ll be an extra £500 please. Not happy but at least I have the money to get it fixed. And I’d much rather have the car running than not!

The rest of the day was spent with Henry. Lucy had to go to a meeting at work so Henry and I had the afternoon together. We went out for a walk to Homebase as I needed a drill bit but the fresh air was much appreciated.

I knocked out a loaf of bread in my new loaf tin and it turned out wonderfully well. The sandwiches I had on the still warm bread were delightful.

I’m still feeling crappy but I will go to work. Dedicated to the cause, obviously.

Day Forty-five of …

No work and plenty of time to spend with my loves. I was up early and at the gym to smash out a workout. Back home and looking after Henry by 6am to allow Lucy time to sleep in and get some rest.

We had more of my homemade bagels with some bacon for a late-ish breakfast.

After that we headed off for Henry’s first session at a soft play centre not far away. Oh my god. It was horrific! The place was absolutely heaving. Half term at soft play is a BAD idea. We found our way to the under 2s area and got to playing. The most annoying part was the fact that it was obvious that quite a few other parents couldn’t be bothered to be parents. They were sending 4-5 year old children off to supervise their under 2s!! Shocking behaviour but what can you do about it?!

For dinner we had our traditional Valentine’s Day meal: roast beef inside a giant Yorkshire pudding with carrots, potatoes and proper gravy. It was bloody lovely. 

It’s just a shame I couldn’t taste it very well as I started feeling ill. My sinuses are blocking up and it’s making me feel awful and giving me a terrible headache.

Wednesday brings another day off work, the service and MOT of my car and hopefully lots of relaxation.

Day Forty-four of …

Not a bad day at work today. Got my morning tasks out the way then helped some colleagues decommission so equipment. It was actually quite a lot of fun. Had some quality bants.

The rest of the day was pretty nondescript. 

It was nice to come home. And I’ve now got two days out of the office. Life is good.

Tomorrow I’m off to the gym, off to Henry’s first soft play session and we’re having our traditional roast beef dinner.

It’s going to be great.

Day Forty-three of …

Sunday was a great day.

Lucy’s mum came around and looked after Henry for a few hours while we went out to lunch and some relaxation.

We Ubered up to The O2 and had a very indulgent lunch at Goucho. We’ve been meaning to go for years now and finally got around to it. We shared a large marinated filler steak, chips and a super tasty tomato salad. I also had a “pot” of wine. A really delicious Argentinian Viognier. Lucy finished off with a couple of scoops of sorbet. Perfect lunch. I kept my phone in my pocket and enjoyed my wife’s company so no photos of the meal this time.

We then got the bus to Greenwich and had a drink, watched some of the France v Scotland 6 nations match and then wandered around the market and shops for a little while before Ubering back home. It doesn’t happen often but I was really glad we got to enjoy the afternoon and so grateful to Lucy’s mum.

The evening was a bit of a struggle with Henry. He’s either coming down with something or teething hard again. I’m not sure. Lucy will take him to the doctors in the morning to make sure he’s ok.

Long day at work tomorrow but that’s followed by two days off. It’s going to great!