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Day Sixty and Sixty-one of …

March 3, 2017

Wednesday and Thursday this week have both been long days. I don’t really like working late, by which I mean until 6. I’ve spoken about it before.

Wednesday held no surprises or points of interest except for the delicious loaf of bread I baked when I got home.

Thursday was much more interesting. I was busy at work and the day shot past. I spent the afternoon helping to prep for for some important weekend work and ended up having to rush to get my train home. It was a good day. I got home and had a nice simple dinner and some time with my love.

What I didn’t mention earlier in the week was that I completed my Start Writing Fiction course on FutureLearn. I’m pleased with how I did but I know if I’d been able to give it more time my results may have been better. I did manage to complete a short story and got some good feedback from it. I considering doing another course. I don’t know what subject yet but I enjoyed the learning.

Friday should be another busy one. Then a weekend with my little one as Lucy is working both days. TGIF!


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