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Day Forty-nine and Fifty of …

February 19, 2017

It’s been quite a nice weekend really. 

Yesterday I picked the car up, spent over £750 to have it serviced, MOT’d and fixed. It’s running as well as it every does after a service but at least they valeted it for me!

Henry and I went to the park for a walk and to catch some Pokémon. I let Henry out of his pram for a bit too to have a toddle about.

He seemed to really enjoy himself and we’re going to make it a regular fixture of the weekend.

Once Henry went to bed the real work began. I finally got the tv fitted to the wall and I installed the baby gate. I’m really happy with getting that done. I just need to tidy the cabling up for the tv and I’ll be properly pleased.

Today we haven’t done a huge amount. We didn’t get up too early. We chilled out a bit, went to the shop to grab a couple of bits. We played together and spent some good times. 

It’s been a hard weekend without having Lucy here for more of it. We always miss her when she’s not here.

Tomorrow is a long day at work as usual for a Monday. I’ve got some things to get done and I hope that, as usual, Monday goes quickly and I can get home to my beautiful family.


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