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Day Forty-five of …

February 15, 2017

No work and plenty of time to spend with my loves. I was up early and at the gym to smash out a workout. Back home and looking after Henry by 6am to allow Lucy time to sleep in and get some rest.

We had more of my homemade bagels with some bacon for a late-ish breakfast.

After that we headed off for Henry’s first session at a soft play centre not far away. Oh my god. It was horrific! The place was absolutely heaving. Half term at soft play is a BAD idea. We found our way to the under 2s area and got to playing. The most annoying part was the fact that it was obvious that quite a few other parents couldn’t be bothered to be parents. They were sending 4-5 year old children off to supervise their under 2s!! Shocking behaviour but what can you do about it?!

For dinner we had our traditional Valentine’s Day meal: roast beef inside a giant Yorkshire pudding with carrots, potatoes and proper gravy. It was bloody lovely. 

It’s just a shame I couldn’t taste it very well as I started feeling ill. My sinuses are blocking up and it’s making me feel awful and giving me a terrible headache.

Wednesday brings another day off work, the service and MOT of my car and hopefully lots of relaxation.


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