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Day Thirty-eight of …

February 7, 2017

Half day Tuesday turned into full day Tuesday with parent swapover taking place at Charing Cross train station. Not such a big deal because the extra hours I did today plus some hours I have in the bank mean that I get next Tuesday off work. And next Tuesday is… Valentines Day! We don’t really go in for the whole commercial angle of the day but we do celebrate it because it reminds us of early on in our relationship. One thing that remains is the meal. On our first Valentines we had been seeing each other for about 2 weeks and I cooked us Beef pot roast inside a large Yorkshire pudding. This has now become our traditional meal for the day (or near the day). And that makes very happy.

This evening has been telaxed. Henry ate most of his dinner, had a nice bath and settled down in bed plenty quick enough. I’ve done this and that although I’ve had a headache coming on which is starting to kick in so I’m going to cut this short.

Tomorrow is a normal working day. Nothing exciting planned except for sausage casserole for lunch.


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