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Day Thirty-six of …

February 5, 2017

Oh a lovely day has been had. Indeed it has. Henry allowed me a lie in until 6:45am. We played, I read the same books to him repeatedly, he had breakfast and a nap. This was all before Lucy got up! Once Lucy was up we had some breakfast and chilled out for a bit. I managed to around to  playing the Closed Beta for Ghost Recon: Wildlands. It was great fun. I’m definitely excited for the full game next month.

Afterwards we popped around to Lucy’s mums house to finally sort out Henry’s old pram and put it in her loft. We were there longer than expected because after we’d been there and food shopping it was 4pm when we got home! I got straight on to cooking chilli and sweet potato mash for Henry and I and chilli with rice for Lucy. I enjoyed it very much but Lucy and Henry weren’t as impressed.

Once Henry was in bed we watched caught up with Taboo and did the furniture rearranging we had planned. All went smoothly! We need to decorate Henry’s corner now as it looks a little bare. I also need a more powerful drill and masonery bit to be able to put the TV on the wall. I’m sure I can borrow that from someone though.

Tomorrow is the usual long day at work. Still cleaning up other people’s messes but that’s the job!


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