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Day Thirty-five of …

February 5, 2017

Starting the day with a good solid hour at the gym is definitely the way to get going. They’ve added some new equipment and some extra racks which really makes the difference. They’ve also added a great sign threatening bans for people who use weights and don’t put them back on the racks where they came from. Bloody brilliant idea if you ask me!

The rest of the day has been chilling with my little man. He’s coming along so quickly. He’s been burbling like a maniac today and also chasing the cats around the house while laughing. Hilarious to him and me but terrifying to them I’m sure.
I’ve done a little baking today as well. I wanted to make some bread from scratch instead of using one of those all in one packets. So I did. It turned out rather well too if I do say so myself, I also made some plain flapjacks because we have loads of oats for some reason. I found a simple recipe which worked a treat except for the fact that they’re a little crumbly and a little bland. Perhaps I should dip them in chocolate…

Tomorrow we’re continuing with The Great Reshuffle and moving the third and final book case into the other room. Once we’ve done that we can give Henry his own little corner of the living room to destroy. I’m also planning on finally mounting the TV on the wall to get it out of reach of little hands. Wish me luck!


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