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Day Thirty-three of …

February 3, 2017

Work, as usual, was meh today. I got thrown into something I have no business dealing with because “I’m onsite”. I have to continue to deal with it tomorrow.

I popped out for a long lunch because I had to get some repairs done to my phone. I’m an iPhone user so repairs/replacements/new phones are expensive. I’m also trying to save money so repairs was the route I took. The home button had dropped and wasn’t clicking properly, the mute button was playing up and switching itself on and off and finally, a fault that Apple refuse to admit with the iPhone 6, the battery drains really quickly and randomly. First off I consider my insurance, £100 excess and I’d be without my phone for over a week. No go there. So I find 5 or 6 places in central London who will do drop in repairs. I email each either directly or through their website for quotes; 1 gets back to me. The chosen ones where iCorrect based just off Oxford Street. The quote me £105 for all the repairs. Fairly reasonable I thought. 

I dropped my phone off at a very nice shared space building with attractive receptionists and then went off for some lunch. I’d done a little research and found that one of my favourite burger places, Honest Burger, had a location nearby. They’re usually busy but as I was solo I got to sit down straight away. I ordered the Tribute (American cheese, bacon, pickles, burger sauce, lettuce and onions) and it was at table within 10 minutes. I’m very glad I went for lunch. It was one of the best lunches I’d had for a while and I enjoyed my own company immensely. Just me and my book about the SAS.

After I finished up at Honest Burger I popped over to Oxford Street and had a look in Lush. Lush is one of Lucy’s favourites so I bought her a few little bath things; a couple of bath bombs and a couple of bath melts. She was very pleased to get the surprise gift.

I got back to iCorrects building around 45 minutes after I left and it was already fixed and ready to go. They’d discovered that the home button wasn’t a right off so they replaced what was needed and it cost less! They found that the mute button wasn’t faulty but just dirty. They cleaned it, tightened a screw and it was fully functional again. And they did that for FREE! The battery replacement was, as expected, required. All in all the repairs which should have cost me £105 actually came in at £60! I was so impressed. To celebrate my saving I treated the guys in my office to croissants from Pret across the street from work. A successful lunchtime adventure!

Tomorrow is Friday. TGIF and all that. No plans other than relaxation and some housework for the weekend. I can already tell I’m going to like it. I just have to get through Friday…


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