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Day Twenty-four of …

January 24, 2017

An entirely uneventful day at work. 

On the way home not only were there problems with the trains, caused by a train derailment in the morning, which forced me to use the tube but then there were problems with the Jubilee Line caused by a faulty train. This made me have to use the District Line which just made my journey all the more unpleasant. It also meant that I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Lucy before she went to work. I have got to spend plenty of time with Henry and he has been on fine form. He crawls around so fast now that we’ve had to hide almost everything he can get his hands on that he shouldn’t. We just need to move a couple of book cases and then we’ll put his gate up to stop him getting into the dining room and kitchen. Soon enough we’ll have to put the stair gate on too as he’s becoming interested in the stairs now.

We’re in Week 3 now of the writing course. This week is about editing and we also get to review and feed back on others work. I got a couple of bits of feedback which have been very constructive. It’s made me think and that’s a good thing!

Tomorrow is more work. The exciting bit will be going home to see the family and we’re also going to have turkey fajitas with homemade tortillas!!


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