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Day Twenty-one of …

January 21, 2017

I’ve had a lovely day with Henry today. We were up early because he was hungry so I got him fed, us dressed and then we went off to Asda to get some shopping in. I just love taking Henry to the supermarket in his Chewbacca outfit. He’s so cute and comfy and warm in it! We raided the Asda baby event picking up a couple of hundred nappies, some baby wipes and a couple of pots of baby milk. 

We’ve been home all day since then. Playing, sleeping and eating. It’s so great to have the time to let him crawl around on the floor and play with him. He’s coming on so fast. He even said “bye bye” and waved to Lucy as she was leaving for work! I’m equally as impressed that he has eaten everything I’ve given him today so that’s 3 full meals plus snacks and milk! He’s going to grow up big and strong like his mum and dad.

I’ve continued watching a tv series I’ve been interested in today. Leah Remini, an actress who’s probably best know for the show King of Queens, made a documentary with A&E network about Scientology. She was a member for around 30 years before she left. It’s probably the second or third documentary I’ve seen about Scientology in the last few months. Its fascinating and terrifying all at once. I think I might take some inspiration from the documentaries for my story. Watch this space!

Tomorrow we’re off to the mother in laws for Sunday lunch. It should be a nice relaxing day…with any luck!


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