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Day Eighteen of …

January 18, 2017

This evening was fun. I got to catch up with some friends over a tasty meal.

It was a little expensive, or at least it would have been if it weren’t for a special deal we got. 1 plate, 2 bao, a mackerel rice bowl and a side each. Oh, and a cocktail too.

This is what I had:

Sha Cha squid steak – very tasty. A little heat and good earthy flavour.

Beef shortrib  – amazing tender beef shortrib in a steamed bun, topped with an egg yolk and a little pickled gherkin.

Cod black – blackened cod in a steamed bun with a spicy sauce and a little mayo style dressing and some slaw.

Mackerel, dried tomato and celery rice bowl – fresh mackerel (steamed i think) with a dried tomato which was really sweet and flavourful (and looked like an old mans scrotun according to one friend) over some rice which had been sprinkled with plenty of pepper.

Taiwanese pickled cabbage – like a kimchi but without the red chilli and sourness. Refreshing with the richness of everything else.

Confucius confused – mr lyan makkolie gin, peppered chestnut, sweet potato, lime – a surprisingly good cocktail. Recommended by the staff. I would definitely drink it again. After taste of sweet potato and the alcohol sneaks up on you.

To be honest, I don’t think I’d go back because it would get very expensive. At around £4-5 per bao you’d be looking at around £30-40/head before you even get to drinks and service charge. Good though.

The rest of the day was fairly meh.

Henry managed a full nights sleep last night which was great. Other than waking him for a change and a feed at 10pm he slept from 6pm-4am. I’m proud of my boy.

Long day tomorrow. Gym (I WILL GO TO THE GYM! I WILL) and work. One step closer to the weekend!


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