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Day Seventeen of …

January 17, 2017

I don’t think any of us slept amazingly well last night. I know that Henry was sleeping sideways across the bed when I got up this morning. He seemed in slightly better spirits today which makes me hopeful. I did feel that he now has at least one molar erupted on the top set on each side of his mouth. With any luck, now that they’ve erupted, it won’t give him so much trouble for a few days.

Work was ok, made better by finishing st lunchtime. That was made frustrating by Southeastern Railway who decided to cancel the train I had been expecting to get. Instead I had to go the roundabout way home via the tube and the DLR. don’t worry though, I got my “delay repay” claim in sharpish so I should at least be compensated.

I recommended the writing course I’m doing to a friend today and she seemed really interested. It’ll be great to have someone I know doing the same course as I’ll have someone I can trust to tell me the truth about my writing. I’m a little shy with the things I write. I’m putting them up here to push myself and get it out there. Feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome.

Tomorrow, once I’ve gotten through the pain of work, I’m out with friends at a restaurant called Bao sampling a special prix-fixe menu. I’m very much excited.


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