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Day Twelve of …

January 12, 2017

Today allowed us Britons the chance to discuss our favourite thing: weather. The day started cold and grey. Graduated to drizzly, then to rainy, then to sleety and then back to rainy again. Facebook was going mad with all the amateur meteorologists.

My work day highlight was the lunchtime trip to Pizza Express. That tells you about all you need to know about my day at work.

I took some time to continue with my writing course also. I completed week 1 and I’m very much enjoying it. We were encouraged to think about our rituals and processes and the spaces we found useful to our writing. One of the tasks was the write a paragraph describing our idea of a good and a bad environment to encourage our writing. This is what I can up with.

He sat at his desk in his comfy Herman Miller chair looking out over the garden, sun glinting off of the birdbath while the black birds took a sip. Nature was surely treating him well today with the sapphire sky clear of all but wispy clouds. He sat there, pen in hand, small glass of burgundy in the other with ideas swimming around his slightly intoxicated mind.

She, on the other hand, was forced to work on the go. The little coffee shop in Euston station amongst all the others was heaving, sweaty in the summer heat and overwhelming with the smell of burnt coffee. She had a small stretch of window bench to herself. Unfortunately that didn’t stop the others from thinking that she had too much space and slowly encroaching on her space. 

I posted this in the comments section for discussion as instructed. I’m looking forward to seeing the feedback I get.

Tomorrow will be a nice relaxing day in the office. I’ve got some things to do which should hold my interest and then I have the evening with Henry while Lucy is at work. Then the weekend. Who doesn’t love the weekend!


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