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Day Nine of …

January 9, 2017

I signed up for a creative writing course called “Start Writing Fiction” on FutureLearn this evening. One of the reasons I started writing here again was because I felt I wasn’t doing anything creative. Writing is something I’ve always wanted to be good at and I’ve tried to be good at it. My thought is that this course might help me get some structure to my writing and get the creative juices flowing a bit. I’ll keep updating how I’m getting on and perhaps add some snippets of my writing should anything be good enough.

Overall my day has been okay. A long day at work with plenty to do has occupied most of it. People complaining about today’s tube strike and the train strike starting tomorrow has taken up a little too. I’m very glad, again, that I don’t need to use the tube or Southern rail to get to work.

A long day at work has its drawbacks though. Other than the obvious having to go to work bit. A long day at work means that I get home after Henry has gone to bed. I hate the days where I don’t get to spend time with him; it really makes me feel like I’m missing out on his development. Lucy helps by sending me amazing pictures such as this…

This amazing little boy is what keeps me going day to day. Henry and Lucy, his amazing mummy and my awesome wife, are the reason I get up and go to work every day. I do that so we can live a happy, secure life together. We may not live in the best place but it’s a start for us. We’ll get there and own our own house one day with a little garden for Henry and the cats to play in. The dream is there for us to aim at.

I’m excited for tomorrow. Tuesdays I finish work at lunch and come home to swap with Lucy so she can go to work. Tuesday’s are one of my Henry and Daddy days which I cherish dearly. Good times are ahead!


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