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Day Six of …

January 6, 2017

Henry really didn’t do well last night. He wouldn’t settle on his own. If we even moved to put him down he would cry. Poor little thing just wanted some comfort. Sore legs, sore teeth; there was no way for him to escape it. Lucy slept in with him to keep him company and I got some sleep before a long day at work.

Felt like a busy day today. I think I got plenty done. The downside was moving one of the teams out of our building. It was sad because there were good people in that team and I liked them very much. I hope they’re happy in their new office. I’ll probably see them around though at the usual office social events. Something to look forward to.

The busy day led to me leaving the office late. That was annoying. That meant that I couldn’t meet Lucy at Lewisham and save her, and me, from having to take a poorly Henry on the train. I ended up meeting them at Charing Cross and getting home well after 7pm. There goes most of the evening after giving Henry his bath and getting him settled. Luckily for me Henry was very tired and settled on his own in his bed. So now I have my feet up with a glass of Malbec and some nwtflux. Just what I need.

I’m not sure what we’ll get up to this weekend. It’s all dependant on Henry feeling better and whether we get good weather. What I do know is there is a trip to the gym this weekend.


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