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Day Five of …

January 5, 2017

The day started well. I left my normal work day alarms on and got up with them and shot off to the gym. Had to spend about 10 minutes warming the car up and scrapping ice off the windows first though! I had a good workout; did my first deadlifts for a good long time too. Nothing heavy, just getting back into the swing of things.

I made bacon sandwiches for breakfast as a little treat and even gave Lucy breakfast in bed. She deserves it.

We took the opportunity of me not being at work to take Henry to see the health visitors and get him weighed. He now over 20lbs in weight! I’m so happy and he even moved up a centile! As usual he was smiling at every one and even gave a dental nurse a hug. Such a cutie.

A little after that it was time for his 1 year jabs, this included his first MMR jab and boosters for things like meningitis. Two needles in each thigh and he was not a happy bunny. I really hate seeing him like that but he won’t remember after a while and it’s for his own benefit. We’ll have to keep an eye on him for signs of side effects for a couple if weeks apparently so fingers crossed he’ll be good.

He took a little walk into Lewisham after that. That place makes me so angry! People are so rude there! It was nice to come home and relax a little and spend time with Lucy and Henry.

I cooked us some dinner even made a cheese sauce for Henry to have with some pasta. He had an afternoon nap so he really wasn’t interested but I made a nice mac and cheese so I didn’t worry too much.

Back to work for a long day tomorrow. Oh the joy. At least it’s nearly the weekend!!


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