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Day Four of …

January 4, 2017

Henry slept for over 10 hours last night without waking either me or Lucy. It’s lovely when that happens although it doesn’t happen often.

Work was ok. Plenty to keep me busy. Saw a few people in the office I hadn’t seen for a while which really put a shine on my day.

Coming home is great every day though. Lucy met me at front door with Henry and he had a massive grin for me. I can’t imagine many better things to come home to. To top that off, Lucy had made sage and onion stuffing rolls and roast turkey. They were bloody tasty. I added some cranberry sauce to mine and it did the trick I can tell you. That and a couple of cheeky ales; Five Points Brewery’s Railway Porter and Tractor Shed Brewery’s Clocker Stout. I usually prefer IPAs and golden ales but these were really nice.

Tomorrow has the potential to be a little unpleasant. I’m not at work but we’re taking Henry to have his 12 month boostee jabs so he may not be too happy. Going to get a trip to the gym in so that’ll start the day off well at least!


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