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Day Three of …

January 3, 2017

Back to work today and it wasn’t all that bad. At least I got to finish at 1PM and go home to the family. Full day in the office tomorrow but I do enjoy my job so the only thing to complain about is being away from home.

It was a bit of a struggle getting up this morning. Henry is teething hard at the moment. He has his front 8 but the molars are trying to push their way through. He was up regularly and wouldn’t settle on his own. Not so bad for me because Lucy was up with him in the night. I woke occasionally and helped settle him a little which didn’t really help Lucy much. It makes it hard to get up in the morning but harder to leave to go to work.

It was great to spend time with Henry this afternoon once I got home from work. He’d just had a nap so was feeling playful. He was also feeling playful after his bedtime bath so I brought him back downstairs for an hour to play and have some stories. That certainly worked to get him tired and sleepy!

Once he was down we had homemade beef chilli for dinner; my own recipe. I might even share it one day. I’ve spent several years perfecting it and finally wrote it down a couple of months ago.

Looks pretty good mid-bubble. Tastes even better a couple of days later.

Tomorrow, roast turkey breast and homemade sage and onion stuffing rolls.


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