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Day Two of …

January 2, 2017

I weighed myself this morning for the first time in a couple of months. 221lbs. That’s 15 st 11 lbs or 100kg. That’s the first time I’ve snuck over the 100 kilo mark for a good few years. 

Time to do something about it, I think.

After not a very good nights sleep and getting up early with Henry I actually managed to go to the gym this morning. I got there at about 11am. This, on the New Year’s Day bank holiday, was not the best time to arrive at the gym. It was busier than I’d ever known it. I couldn’t use any of the racks or free weights because it was packed with people. Some regulars and some who looked like it was their first time. One guy in particular was walking from machine to machine looking confused while wearing a netting vest.

I got in a 10 minute warm up on a stationary bike and then did a circuit on some of the weights machines. It wasn’t the best workout but I’m easing myself back in.

I’ve eaten a bit crap for the rest of the day though but we’ve got so much in it has to go somehow. This is the excuse I gave myself. Poor, I know.

I need better self control and I need to get myself in shape. Not just because it’s new year but because I’m 34 this year with a one year old and I need to be in good health to be around for him and be able to do all the things he’ll want to in a few years. Yes it’s a cliché but it’s a cliché because it’s often true.

Back to work tomorrow but at least it’s only a half day.


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