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The Big Week before The Big Day

July 28, 2014

So this is going to be a VERY busy week.

Friday is The Big Day. The day I marry my love.

This week we will mostly be moving things from our house to locations closer to the wedding venues. It’s at least a 90 minute round trip from our house to Maidstone but it does mean we get to see lots of our favourite people.

We will be ready to rock and roll come Friday though. I’m getting my haircut and a proper straight razor shave on Wednesday. Who says that it’s just the Bride that gets to be pampered? We’re also having our last date on Wednesday at a highly rated Indian/Goan restaurant and I can’t wait!

Thursday will see us packing overnight bags, collecting suits and making that final journey to Maidstone as fiancés; we will be returning as husband and wife.

It is going to be so amazing seeing Lucy for the first time in her wedding dress as well as seeing so many of our loved ones coming along to support us and celebrate this wonderful day.

Wish us luck! 


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