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Less than 100 days

May 6, 2014

I know it’s been ages and ages and ages since I last posted anything and for that I’m sorry.

It’s less than 100 days now until I get married so preparations are starting to pick up pace. We’ve booked our bar, we’ve booked a hog roast to feed our guests and we’ve had some test shits done with our photographer.
We’re very lucky to have a friend who is a wonderful photographer. She’s not professional but her results are stunning. She even managed to make me look good!!

I’m also back to trying something new in an attempt to lose some weight and look awesome for the wedding. I’m just starting into the Paleo lifestyle by way of the Whole30 plan. Basically you can eat all the fruit, vegetable and meat you want but you cut out grains, legumes and dairy. So no bread, milk, beans, oats etc. not even any soy based products. I can have nice fermented and pickled things like sauerkraut though.
I’m literally only a couple of days in so at the moment it is a bit of a struggle especially with the caffeine withdrawal headaches. Those will only last another day or so though so I’m not worried.
What I am looking forward to is buying lots of weird and wonderful fruit and vegetables that I haven’t had before. That, and different meats and fish that I haven’t had or haven’t had for a while. Now to try and convince Lucy to try some more new things…(although I think offal might be pushing it!)


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