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Heavier and heavier…

January 27, 2014

Not me…no, not really. Maybe a pound or two but I can justify that because I’ve started lifting. Not massive weight just yet but gradually bigger.

I had a really good session on Saturday morning. Barbell squats, dead lifts and bent over rows. I hit top weights of 55kg, 65kg and 50kg respectively, doing 6 reps of each, which I’m more than happy with at this early stage.

What’s helping me at the moment is my competitive spirit and a social network/tracking site/online game called Fitocracy. It’s a truly amazing community of like minded people all motivating each other to get fit or die trying (not really but it sounds good). You get points for each exercise you log and you get to level up over time as you gain more and more points. You can also collect awards for completing certain activities which just adds to the fun!
I’m back in the gym tomorrow morning regardless of how sore my hamstrings and quads are. I’ll be aiming to hit 75kg on the dead lifts, this is roughly 3/4 of my body weight! If I can add 10kg to squats and bent over rows too I’ll be really happy.
I also completed my biggest dumbbell bench press of 20kg (in each hand) which I want to try and push up to 25kg.

I’ll let you know how I get on!


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