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So much angry!!

January 18, 2014

So as I’ve mentioned a few times before I’m getting married this year. There’s a lot of stress involved in organising what should be the happiest day of my life (up to this point). It would appear that some purple just love to pile it on. Not intentionally but by just being completely selfish.

Here’s the situation. My mum has 3 siblings; 2 sisters and a brother. I found out yesterday that one of my aunts can’t come to the wedding because she’s already booked and paid for a holiday. I’m a little annoyed but it’s not her fault, I should’ve notified her sooner about the wedding. My uncle won’t be able to make it because he’s rather ill. He has emphysema and angina and requires access to oxygen around the clock as well as access to other machinery that helps him continue to live. This brings us to the last sibling, my other aunt. She has told me this morning that she won’t be coming to the wedding. Why? Because she’s had a petty disagreement with my mum!! Can you believe that?! Apparently, when she found out that I was getting married, her and my mum spoke about sharing accommodation when they come down. They didn’t speak about it again and when my sister booked the accommodation (for most of my side of the family which I didn’t ask her too and she didn’t have to) they forgot to ask my aunt if she wanted to join them. Instead it was agreed that my mum would share with her cousin. Now because of this, my aunt seems to think that she’s not wanted and isn’t coming. I mean grow the hell up!! You’re a nearly 60 year old woman, a fully grown, supposedly mature adult and you’re having stupid petty disagreements like this and completely ignoring the fact that this is MY day and my fiancés day. AAAAARRGGGHHHH!!

And this is why I’ve told people in not getting involved in their travel or accommodation arrangements for the wedding.

Rant over.


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