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The Big Birthday

July 8, 2013

So two weeks ago I turned thirty. The big 3 0. It’s been busy!

We went to the safari park at Port Lympne and stayed there for the evening!


We went to one of my work friends weddings!

Congratulations to Nick and Vanessa!

We went to Go Ape! and climbed some trees.


We ate some chicken at a BRILLIANT restaurant which I can’t recommend enough called Clockjack Oven.


We ate proper London pie, mash and liquor at Manzes in Deptford. This was my first proper pie and mash despite having lived in London for over 5 years!!

We went to see Man of Steel at the cinema and we a little underwhelmed. I think it was a little built up so maybe I was expecting more… Or maybe it’s just that they tried to put too much into one film and then I got bored of watching buildings get destroyed…Could be either.

We went to London Zoo with some of my very best friends then went out and got drunk. So drunk that I managed to cook breakfast for everyone but didn’t feel up to eating it! And I’d made American style pancakes and Oscar Meyer bacon with maple syrup!


I went back to work and spent the week miserable then had my mom, big sister, brother in law and niece and nephew come and visit for a couple of nights. That won’t be happening again any time soon!

Then yesterday (after my family had left) we went off into Kent to visit with Lucy’s family and spent the afternoon watching Andy Murray win at Wimbledon (Well done, Andy) and eating buffet style food courtesay of Lucy’s grandparents.

A great end to a great few weeks!

I’ll update you at some point soon about how my weight loss/fitness journey is getting on but until then… Take care!


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