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Quite a week. (also Intermittent Fasting Week 6)

April 20, 2013

Well, it’s been quite a week!

On Friday (last week) me and my other half went ring shopping at Bluewater. We got engaged last June but I was only able to give her a token ring at the time. The time had come to get her a real shiny one.



We also went for brunch with her sister at Giraffe which was awesome. Mmmm huevos rancheros. I was paying so they had to do something to pay me back. I got them to do something to entertain me.


I had a trip to see friends and family in Birmingham last week, including a night out on the town with lots of amazing cocktails.



I went to see one of my favourite bands perform their first ever “unplugged” gig. Skunk Anansie are amazing live. My seats were 5 rows from the front and I couldn’t have asked for a better show.ImageI also lost 0.2lbs this week which is good. Some weeks we lose, some weeks we stay the same and some weeks we gain. I’m going to take the good with the bad.

Have a great week!



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