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A Little Treat for Me and my Love

March 23, 2013

After my awesome showing this week and my incredibly hard work with two fast days in a row and losing 4lbs (yay me!), my beautiful fiancée and I decided that we would go out for dinner and a show in the West End.
My other half works at a West End theatre so we went there to see a fringe show. It wasn’t the greatest but you can’t complain at free!

Dinner was to a restaurant called Albannach. I’ve walked past this place SO many times and finally we found a reason to go. One of the main reasons was that we could get 50% discount off food there with Tastecard otherwise it’s quite an expensive evening out.

For starters I had scallops. I’d never had them before and always wanted to try them but I thought best to wait until you go to a nice restaurant. They were quite nice but I found them a little on the bland side. I would have them again at the right restaurant. My other half has seared beef with Yorkshire pudding which she said was overpowered by the gravy provided.

For mains, my other half had fish and chips. The chips were great, the fish not so much. We weren’t sure what sort of fish it was but the batter tasted burned, like they had cooked it at too high a temperature. I think it would have been better if they’d cooked it at a lower temperature for longer, but what do I know, I’m only a home cook. I had haggis, needs and fatties. For those that don’t know that’s essentially sheep offal cooked in its own stomach with oats and spices served with turnips and potatoes. This is what it looked like.


My other half said it looked like poo on a plate. It tasted nice though.
I didn’t have dessert as I was stuffed but my fiancée had a chocolate pot which was so incredibly rich she couldn’t finish it.
It was a great night and definitely a good reward for me.
Here’s what a couple of our cocktails looked like.



Until next time.


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  1. victorianeedstoeat permalink

    Poo on a plate is a polite way of saying it! Glad it tasted good though. The cocktails look amazing :).

    Well done on treating yourself, you’ve done damn well this week.

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