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January 17, 2013


The view from our table.

My fiancée, Lucy, and I went for dinner last night at Gibsons at The Yacht London on Temple Pier. It was so good I thought I would tell you about it. I’m not the sort to take pictures of my food (often) so I’ll tell you what we had.

For starters I had Deviled Chicken Livers with Chili and Rustic Toast and my other half had Marinated Chicken, Spicy Chorizo and Mushroom Skewer on Bed of Baby Spinach and Mixed Pepper Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing. The deviled chicken livers where great. Nicely spicy but not offensively so and you could really taste the liver. This came in a nice creamy sauce with a piece of chunky white toast. The marinated chicken chicken skewer was nice (according to my other half) but she doesn’t eat chorizo so I had that. She enjoyed the baby spinach also but doesn’t like peppers so she left those. Also, she said the vinaigrette was a little tasteless.

For mains I had 8oz Filet Steak with Roasted Portobello Mushroom, Confit Tomato, Watercress and Hand Cut Triple Cooked Chips and Lucy had Roast Fillet of Wild Sea bass on Bed of Thai Noodles, Fresh Chili and Bean Sprouts. The steak was cooked to order, a lovely medium rare and the chips we big, chunky, crispy on the outside and fluffy and light on the inside. Lucy’s wild sea bass was light and delicious and the noodles were spicy and full of vegetables. She did mention that due to the spiciness of the noodles you had to eat the wild sea bass separate from the noodles so that you could taste it!

For dessert I had Strawberry Soufflé, Vanilla Ice Cream and Vanilla Caulis and my fiancée had Lemon Drizzle with Summer Berry Compote. The soufflé was gorgeous. Luxurious and smooth and damn near perfect. The lemon drizzle was polenta based, it was light and zingy and came delicious summer berry compote with whole berries. Lucy said it would have been better if it was warm but it was lovely nonetheless.

To go with this we had a bottle of a pinot grigio blush which Lucy actually liked…for the first glass. I may or may not have finished it…

Needless to say we both had a lovely evening and were thoroughly satiated by the end of it!

Now off to the gym to burn off some of those calories!!


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