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False start

January 9, 2013

Monday was supposed to be the day.

I was actually doing really well on Monday until I got home. I got up on time, had a good breakfast, got to work on time, works my arse off, went to the gym and hit it hard, back to work and worked my arse off again then went home. For dinner I was cooking a frittata using extra vegetables I’d cooked specifically for the purpose on Sunday. Everything was going great. I was frying the vegetables before adding the eggs and I thought it’d be good to add a little lime juice. So I took a lime that we’d zested the day before, (it was a little hard but I thought I’d be able to cut it) attempted to cut it and the knife slipped and cut a slice off my finger. I managed to stop the bleeding and clean myself up and finished making my dinner. When I was taking the pan out of the oven I found that because of my cut finger I couldn’t put the oven glove on properly so I draped it on the handle and grabbed it out of the oven only for the glove to slip and me burn my hand on the handle!! THE SAME HAND I CUT!!

So I’ve taken yesterday and today away from the gym so I don’t aggravate the cut because I REALLY need it healed for the weekend. I have a funeral to go to tomorrow so Friday I’ll either be back at the gym or out on the road running.

Not exactly the best start but at least the intention was there…right?


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