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Set back

November 26, 2012

So after a couple of weeks of laziness etc I thought I’d ease back in with a couple of sessions at the gym. I did one on Tuesday and I felt energised. I intended to do another on Thursday but due to it being really busy at work it had to wait until Friday.

It all started so well. 15 minutes on the cross trainer (elliptical) and I was nicely warmed up. I moved onto the chest press machine and did 3 sets at 70lbs. Not too heavy but enough so I was working. Next I went to the overhead press machine. This one I did 3 sets at 50lbs because these muscles aren’t so strong. After this I stood up to move to the next machine and my lower back felt sore…. Oh oh. I went to the seated row machine and did 3 sets at 70lbs. At this point I thought probably beat to do some stretches to try and loosen up my back. Yeah… This didn’t help so I called it quits and got showered and hobbled back to work.

By the time I got home I was in agony so I downed some painkillers that I had left over from the last time this happened and hoped for the best.

I was up the next morning at 5am for my early turn duty and struggled to get dressed. In the dark. Again, I had some painkillers and got on with my day. Luckily the fact I spent most of the day (up until about 4pm) moving around meant my back felt ok. Once I started relaxing it started hurting again.

Yesterday I didn’t have to be up so early but my back was still tight so I had some more painkillers and prepared for my late turn duty. I’m happy to say that when I got home at 11pm last night my back hadn’t caused me any problems. Yay!

Now I’ve woken up this morning with a little hit of tenderness but not enough to need painkillers. Thank god. I had agreed to run this afternoon and play netball (a work boys v girls game) tomorrow. I think the best course of action is to give these a miss and allow my back some recovery time.

So it looks like this week I’ll be getting my exercise walking and maybe lifting some very light weights at home. Fingers crossed for a quick recovery and back to the working out next week!


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