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Lazy and Targets

November 13, 2012

I’ve been absolutely rubbish.

I’ve not worked out properly since my last post.

The most exercise I’ve done is brisk walking. Better than nothing I suppose.


Since I last wrote I have decided on a couple of targets. Two quite big ones actually.

Next year I turn 30 so I’m aiming to reach my target weight of 185lbs (about 84kg). I think I owe it to myself to get into shape before I reach this milestone. I was always a skinny kid, well, once I’d got rid of my puppy fat. It wasn’t until the age of about 16 that I stopped exercising regularly. This was when I left school and went to college. I started exercising again about 4 years ago. My weight has reached an all time high in period between starting exercise again and now but I’m glad to say that I have actually managed to change my body shape for the better. I have some shape and definition to my body now. You can see that I have muscles!! All I need to do now is get rid of the layer of fat hiding the rest of the muscle!

My second target is my wedding. My other half and I are getting married in August 2014 so this is another target for me to reach. I want to be in the very best shape of my life when I get married. I want to do this for me and for my fiancé. Why? Mostly, I want to look AMAZING in my suit and the photos from the day. Nothing wrong with a little bit of vanity, is there?

I’m going to continue to post here with my progress. At some point I’ll post some progress photos so you can see how I’m getting on. Until then, take care.


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