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And so it begins

October 29, 2012

I began the day well.
Woke up on time at 05:10, had half a pint of water then had a nice hot shower. I was dressed and watching the news by 05:45 with a piece of toast with peanut butter and a cup of tea having already fed the cats.
I left the house after saying goodbye to my other half at 06:45 and got on the 07:15 train at 07:17 (obviously there fault, not mine) and arrived into London Victoria at 07:39. I walked to work from there stopping off at Sainsburys for some fruit (strawberries and blueberries), some coffee and a can of Heinz Vegetable soup for lunch.
When I arrived at work, things started to go wrong. On the kitchen table sat 2 cakes made by the significant other of one of my favourite people who happens to be retiring this week after 30 years of public service. How could I resist? I mean, it would be incredibly rude to do so so I only had a small piece…


I will be making up for this at the gym this lunchtime. I’ll be doing an hour of mostly strength training. I’ll update with my routine later.

Update 16:10

Here is my workout from lunchtime today.

10 minutes Elliptical interval session
Chest press 33lbs 2×35
Machine leg extension 80lbs 5×10
Machine row 100lbs 5×10
Seated machine leg curl 90lbs 4×10
Machine Chest press 70lbs 5×10

I’ve just booked a morning run with my running buddy and ill be off to the gym tomorrow lunchtime too.


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