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Honeymoon Parts 1 and 2

So we were fortunate to go on 2 honeymoons. One that we arranged ourselves and one kindly arranged by my now mother in law.

First off was Barcelona!!
We spent 5 days (4 nights) at the Barcelo Raval hotel. It was a wonderful 4* hotel in the Raval district. Couldn’t have been a better location or holiday!

This is the National Art Museum. A few evenings a week during certain months they put on a fantastic light and music show with the fountains.

We will most certainly be returning to Barcelona. We had no chance of seeing everything we wanted to. The city was just so huge!

Part 2 of our honeymoon was Paris. A wonderful city which I have visited a couple of times but never as a “grown up” so we were delighted to be going. We went on a coach trip taking us from our home in South East London all the way to Paris via the ferry in Dover. We left on Saturday morning and returned home on Monday evening. It was a looong weekend!

This is the beautiful Sacre Coeur or Sacred Heart church in Montmatre. This was our last morning in Paris before returning home.
Again, we’ll definitely be back. Now we know what we do and do not want to do when we go back with more time on our hands.
Now… Back to reality!!

The Wedding of the Century

Friday August 1st 2014.

The day I declared my undying love to my new wife, Lucy, in front of specially chosen group of our family and friends.

What. A. Day. It. Was.

It is entirely true what they say that it shoots by so fast. Looking back I can only remember flashes of the day but those flashes are amazing. My face hurt so much by the end of the day. I was grinning ear to ear ALL day!!
Ladies and gentleman. Mr and Mrs Shakeshaft.

The Big Week before The Big Day

So this is going to be a VERY busy week.

Friday is The Big Day. The day I marry my love.

This week we will mostly be moving things from our house to locations closer to the wedding venues. It’s at least a 90 minute round trip from our house to Maidstone but it does mean we get to see lots of our favourite people.

We will be ready to rock and roll come Friday though. I’m getting my haircut and a proper straight razor shave on Wednesday. Who says that it’s just the Bride that gets to be pampered? We’re also having our last date on Wednesday at a highly rated Indian/Goan restaurant and I can’t wait!

Thursday will see us packing overnight bags, collecting suits and making that final journey to Maidstone as fiancés; we will be returning as husband and wife.

It is going to be so amazing seeing Lucy for the first time in her wedding dress as well as seeing so many of our loved ones coming along to support us and celebrate this wonderful day.

Wish us luck! 

Less than 4 weeks….

Just a quick update…

There is now less than 4 weeks until the big day. We’re slowly but surely getting to the point where we’ll be ready for the big day. We’ve got all of the big things done but now for the little things and finer details. Needless to say it’s going to be a busy few weeks ahead!

My fitness goals are going well too. I’m doing the Stronglifts 5X5 program at the moment and I’m now 4 weeks in. I can see my physique changing already but as the weight is still relatively low I’m not seeing strength improvements yet. Soon though, soon.

Right better get back to it!

Less than 100 days


I know it’s been ages and ages and ages since I last posted anything and for that I’m sorry.

It’s less than 100 days now until I get married so preparations are starting to pick up pace. We’ve booked our bar, we’ve booked a hog roast to feed our guests and we’ve had some test shits done with our photographer.
We’re very lucky to have a friend who is a wonderful photographer. She’s not professional but her results are stunning. She even managed to make me look good!!

I’m also back to trying something new in an attempt to lose some weight and look awesome for the wedding. I’m just starting into the Paleo lifestyle by way of the Whole30 plan. Basically you can eat all the fruit, vegetable and meat you want but you cut out grains, legumes and dairy. So no bread, milk, beans, oats etc. not even any soy based products. I can have nice fermented and pickled things like sauerkraut though.
I’m literally only a couple of days in so at the moment it is a bit of a struggle especially with the caffeine withdrawal headaches. Those will only last another day or so though so I’m not worried.
What I am looking forward to is buying lots of weird and wonderful fruit and vegetables that I haven’t had before. That, and different meats and fish that I haven’t had or haven’t had for a while. Now to try and convince Lucy to try some more new things…(although I think offal might be pushing it!)

The end of Week 3…finally.

It’s taken me a while since my last blog to complete week 3. I got ill when I was supposed to start it up so that put me out for a week.

To catch up I did Day 1 and Day 2 on the same day then I didn’t do anything else all week. I was lazy and busy and tired. It was all my fault and I accept that.

Today I completed Day 3 of Week 3 AND Day 1 of Week 4.

Let me recap for you what Day 3 looks like…

20 mins intense cardio
5 sets of the following, each exercise lasting for 40 seconds with 40 seconds rest in between.
squat thrusts
military press with a medicine ball
full crunch
alternative v-sit-ups

MY GOD it was difficult but I did it!

Tomorrow I’m back at the gym for Week 4 Day 2 which will be 30 mins of moderate cardio. I’m also going to hit the weights and hit them hard. Barbells and dumbbells all the way!!

Personal Trainer

So I’ve taken on the services of a personal trainer. Only once a month mind. That’s all I can afford.

He’s a rest bloke called Lewis and he’s ex-military so that means plenty of body weight exercises. He’s given me a 4 week, 3 day per week program.
So far I’m on week 2 and I completed day 2. That means today I’ve done 40 minutes on the “Arc Trainer” today. Pretty hard going. The program days “light cardio” but that would be too easy!! I also added some barbell dead lifts (I hit my 70kg target), barbell bent over rows, seated dumbbell shoulder press and some work on the pec deck.

I’m still not seeing any weight loss but that’s not what I’m really looking for any more. What I want is fat loss and I’m definitely seeing that. I’m getting much more definition in my arms, shoulders and back and I can see a reduction in the fat on my belly.

I’ll keep you up to date on how I’m doing with the program. Day 3 is 20 minutes hard work on a cardio machine (treadmill, arc trainer or cycle) plus a killer body weight set:

squat thrusts
military press with a medicine ball
full crunch
alternative v-sit-ups

For week 2 I’m doing each exercise for 30 seconds and do the set 4 times. This is not going to be easy!!

Wish me luck!