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Day Sixty-two, Sixty-three and Sixty-four of …

It was a looong weekend. Lucy was working all weekend so I was number 1 parent. Henry and I had some good times though. For example…

He bloody loves the swing. 

It was a little wet at the park so when he fell over he got a little wet bum! It was good though. I decided it wasn’t worth taking the pram as he was going to be walking mostly so I strapped on a rucksack full of useful things and carried him. My back hurts a bit but I think it was the right way to go.

Sunday was wet so we stayed in, played and cooked a roast dinner. I also got to play some Just Cause 3 too which was great. I do like to unwind with some senseless violence on a computer game.

Today has been a busy day of work. That’s why I like Mondays. We were clearing up from weekend work so lots of interaction with the customer. Good times.

Tomorrow is Tuesday which is half day! Woop!!

Day Sixty and Sixty-one of …

Wednesday and Thursday this week have both been long days. I don’t really like working late, by which I mean until 6. I’ve spoken about it before.

Wednesday held no surprises or points of interest except for the delicious loaf of bread I baked when I got home.

Thursday was much more interesting. I was busy at work and the day shot past. I spent the afternoon helping to prep for for some important weekend work and ended up having to rush to get my train home. It was a good day. I got home and had a nice simple dinner and some time with my love.

What I didn’t mention earlier in the week was that I completed my Start Writing Fiction course on FutureLearn. I’m pleased with how I did but I know if I’d been able to give it more time my results may have been better. I did manage to complete a short story and got some good feedback from it. I considering doing another course. I don’t know what subject yet but I enjoyed the learning.

Friday should be another busy one. Then a weekend with my little one as Lucy is working both days. TGIF!

Day Fifty-eight and Fifty-nine of …

Mondays tend to be fairly decent days. Yesterday was better than normal. I woke up with the intention of going to the gym but decided I wanted to spend more time with Henry instead. So I did a body weight workout in the living room and kept Henry entertained.

I got to work and was asked to swap shifts with someone so I finished work at 4. This made me happy as Mondays go nice and quick so I got home and got to spend time with the family, bathed Henry and have some quality time with Lucy.

Today was ok at work too. Nothing high pressure and plenty to keep me occupied until I left at 1pm.

I came home and, again, had some quality time with my family before Lucy went to work. Henry’s seems to be coming down with something so Lucy had taken him to the doctors in the morning. Apparently he may have a virus so we’ll keep a closer eye on him and his habits for a week and see how it goes.

Tomorrow I’ll be on the late shift I’ll be back home late. It sucks but swings and roundabouts.

Day Fifty-five, fifty-six and fifty-seven of …

Friday was Friday at work so yay! Friday but still work.

Weekends are where it’s at.

Saturday we tidied the house and my friend came over for food and movies. The plan was to go to a drive in cinema to see Lego Batman but that got cancelled due to “adverse weather conditions”. I made ribs and chilli dogs. It was awesome. I also baked the bread rolls for dinner too. They turned out really well. A little more dense than I hoped but tasty.

Sunday we had a trip out and made use of our National Trust memberships for the first time. We went to Bodiam Castle in East Sussex which was really cool. A beautiful medieval castle. Not huge but perfectly formed.

After the castle, and a picnic lunch, we went to visit Lucy’s grandparents, Henry’s great grandparents. Such a lovely visit. We try to make sure that they see Henry regularly because they love him so much and he loves them too.

Monday brings work. Oh, how much I love work…

Day Fifty-four of …

Work wasn’t too bad for a Thursday. Due to my sick days earlier in the week I didn’t need to make up any hours anywhere so I started at 10am. I got to sleep in until 7am which is practically unheard of! Thank you, Henry! Nothing of note happened at work. 

Outside of work, however, Storm Doris was causing havoc! I’m lucky that I live on the train routes which were only mildly effected by the bad weather. I feel for those who got stranded as the mainline stations at Euston and St Pancras were shut.

Friday’s are generally pretty good days. Work tailing off before the weekend. Let’s hope Friday is kind to me. At least I have rabbit stew for lunch.

Day Fifty-three of …

Work wasn’t all that bad today even with the background headache. A busy day but plenty accomplished.

The evening was where it was at though. All you can eat chicken wings at Big Easy is thoroughly recommended. I must’ve eaten the wings off of about 15 chickens this evening. Along with it some very tasty beer.

Myself and my friend also went to see Buried Child at Trafalgar Studios. A wonderful production at a wonderful theatre. Beautifully acted and so uncomfortable and blackly comedic to watch. It finishes next week so I’m really glad to have got to see it finally.

Long day at work tomorrow but I think I’ll be able to struggle through.

Day Fifty-one and fifty-two of …

Two sick days. The illness I’ve been carrying since last week finally caught up with me over the weekend. I’m feeling a bit better now, just about well enough to head back into the office tomorrow. I’ve got stuff planned in for the next few days so I really need to be back in to make sure they happen. Also, I’m off to the theatre tomorrow night with a friend and I don’t want to miss that!

Did some baking which had been therapeutic. A loaf, some pizza dough and some bagels. I’m getting the hang of it now.

As I said, work tomorrow and then theatre.